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Dive Master!!!

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Finally I’m a DIVE MASTER!!!

Five months ago I came to Koh Lanta as an Open Water diver to spend only two days and maybe some dives. Two days turned in five months and “some dives” turned in an internship from Advanced Open Water to Dive Master! It was a full time internship – my two housemates were my instructors!

In the beginning I didn’t realized how hard would be the dive master training. We started slowly with the Advanced, Nitrox and EFR. Pretty easy and fun. The Rescue course wasn’t that easy but still not difficult and too much fun. Then I started the Dive Master course… This one is hard. It’s not only learning about dive and improving dive skills. It’s about turning a fun diver in a PROFESSIONAL DIVER!

Lots of training in the beach, in the sea and in the classroom. Assisting the instructors and dive masters with costumers and courses. Mapping, swimming exercises (bloody hard), workshops.

The dive theory isn’t easy but very interesting. I love it. Lots of physics and physiology. Everything about scuba equipment. Also we learn about the ocean, currents, tides, waves, ecosystem. One funny thing is that all this stuff I learnt in English so there’re many things about diving that I have no idea how it is in Portuguese!

I learned a lot! The Ocean Divers team and specially my main instructor Stephanie made me a professional and I’m really glad. I couldn’t ask for better professionals!

Yesterday night was my final exam – the snorkel test! I think I did well… Not sure cause I don’t remember very well. I know that I ended the night swimming in the sea cause all my clothes were soaked and sandy in the morning!














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