First of all, sorry all who don’t speak Portuguese… In the beginning I was writing in English, but as it’s not my first language, sometimes it’s not easy to express myself. Then now I’m writing In Portuguese… So, I suggest copy and paste in google translator. It’s quick and easy. It’s not perfect, but works 😉

UPDATE: just intalled a new plugin to translate the page… Lets see if it works!! Click on the button on the top of the post to translate!

Here there’s a little bit from my day by day, my passions, emotions and reveries… I’m here, registering my travel around the little blue planet and my inner universe!

Departure date: 07/apr/2011

Round the World trip?
I thought that it was a RTW trip in the beginning. Usually a RTW trip goes on only in one way: clockwise or couterclockwise. I can’t stand living under rules, then keep going in only one way is impossible to me. So I realized that my trip can’t have this title.

My itinerary: I’m figuring out step by step, but there are some places that I wanna know so far, like Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, French Polynesia, Thailand, Indonesia, Tukey. After I started traveling, I found out that I wanna know other places too 😉

Duration: not easy to define. Each place I go I decide how long I’ll be there. Time enough to feel that I really know the place, people and culture. I’m not hurry, I’m just willing to live…

What do I love?
Travel – sometimes with out moving 😉
Photography, draw, write.
Sun, sunrise, sunset.
Nature, animals, smelling bush, smelling rain
Sea, ocean, salt water, sand, beach.
People. I like people, human beings.
Talk, talk, talk, listen and stay quiet.
Music, sound of waves.
Behold. Look on small actions and attitude that means more than thousand words.
Dive, listening my breath underwater, feeling like a piece of universe underneath.
Friends, hugs, smiles, caressing.

What don’t I like?
Cockroach. I know, it’s harmless. Nevertheless I hate.

It’s me. Also I am a women, engineer and aunt 😉

I was born in 1977, Sao Paulo city, Brazil.

My name is Simone Kiguchi Tomazela.

Pleasure to meet you;)

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